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Survival Training


Fighters Handbook - Chapter 15 

Any Fighter worth their salt is a master of not only the blade, but also of woodcraft.  It's a sad day indeed when a Fighter single-handedly slays a pack of worgs only to starve to death trying to find their way out of the woods.

The forest is full of edible plants for a knowledgable Fighter: dandilion leaves, cattail roots, burdock, the list goes on.  

Wild game can also be caught for sustenence, barehanded if necessary.  A Fighter need only be creative in using what is available.

Valgris the Ironspike, infamous leader of the now-disbanded Blackridge Fighters Guild, is reputed to have survived for 4 months in the hinterlands with nothing but a single dried carrot.  He'd lure deer within reach with a soothing song and the promise of a tasty treat, then proceed to punch them to death.    

We recommend that every new Fighter be taken into the wilderness and left to practice survival skills for 5 full days at a minimum. 

The fact that nearly 1 in 7 Fighters die from this training proves just how badly it's needed!

Eat a salad for lunch for 5 consecutive days.  For each day, check off a box.

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