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Welcoming Committee

Image Put down your cups and listen up, Fighters!


Guild Master Humongous:  Some of you may have heard, there's a fresh batch of recruits this week.  I want to remind you all that it's Fighter Guild tradition to throw your ale in their faces when they try to introduce themselves.

Guild Master Humongous:  I also want to remind you all that it's not ok to throw your tankards too.  Those tankards are custom made with the guild seal.  You might as well be throwing 50 silver at them.  

"Welcome" 10 new Fighters when they try to introduce themselves in the Common Hall forum by throwing your ale at them.  Respond to their post with something like "*Humongous throws his ale at you.  It looks like he might have spit some food scraps in there too.*"

For every new Fighter you "welcome", check off a box.


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