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The Goblin Queen



As you sit late one night in the common hall parsing through an old Fighters Handbook, you hear a familiar tapping sound.


You look around and see the old chipped looking glass you picked up weeks before.  You’re pretty certain you threw the old thing out after the reward for your hard work turned out to be a worthless broken sword hilt.  Yet here it lays, mysteriously on the table again.


You think about just leaving it be this time, but your curiosity gets the better of you.


The foggy surface clears and you see the anxious face of Grob the Goblin.


He says nothing to you, but steps aside to reveal a strange woman sitting on a throne of rough-hewn stone.


Goblin Queen:  Are you the one that aided my pathetic servant?


She points to Grob who cowers beside her.


Grob tries to speak, but she cuts him off with a sharp slap to the face.


Goblin Queen:  SILENCE, WORM!


Goblin Queen:  Fear not, Fighter.  This one must be punished for his treachery, but your sit ups have pleased me.  Having only my goblin subjects to watch has grown tiresome and boring over the decades.  Nothing has brought me pleasure in this dark place for some time.


Not quite knowing how to respond, you awkwardly thank her for the compliment.


She gives a silvery laugh and claps her hands together in amusement.


Goblin Queen:  Oh, you are amusing!


Goblin Queen:  I offer you this.  Come to me.  Entertain me.  And I will give you untold riches.


Several goblins drag forth an enormous chest overflowing with gold and jewels.  


Goblin Queen:  Place your fingers upon the mirror's glass and say the magic words.  "I wish the goblins would take me away".


A little unclear on what’s happening here, you ask her if she means to give you treasure in exchange for going through the mirror and doing sit ups for her amusement.


Goblin Queen:  It is as you say.


She strokes her long hair and bites her lower lip as she stares at you.


You cough, turning a little red.  This whole situation screams of danger, but it's hard to ignore the pile of treasure at her feet.


You ask her how much of that treasure pile she’d give you to just watch you do sit ups through the mirror.


Goblin Queen:  Oh…


She looks displeased, but rummages through the treasure and holds up a single gold coin.


Goblin Queen:  Just this, I suppose.


Eh, you've done worse for less.


Do 2000 sit ups.  For every 50 sit ups (or other ab exercise), check off a box.



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