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    1000 Sit Ups
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Grob's Punishment



While sitting alone in the guild common hall late one night, you hear a light tapping noise.  You cock your head and listen.  It sounds like a fingernail on a glass window pane, which is highly unusual because the guild has only arrow slits where windows would normally be.


Your curiosity draws you out of your comfortable seat by the fire and about the darkened hall as you try to discern where the sound is coming from.


After several minutes of wandering, you trace the sound to one of the long trestle tables by the door.  The tapping seems to be coming from an old looking glass laying at the edge of the table.  You don’t recall seeing it when you came in and haven’t the foggiest idea of how it got there. 


You cautiously pick up the mirror for a look.  The the reflective surface is cloudy and you can barely make out your own reflection.  


Suddenly the cloudiness disappears and you find yourself looking into the twisted rubbery face of a goblin.


Grob the Goblin:  You there!  Fighter, yes?


You nod slowly.  The goblin seems excited by your response.


Grob the Goblin:  Grob have job for you.  Grob give you his shiny treasure if you help.


It can’t hurt to hear him out.


Grob the Goblin:  Goblin Queen punish Grob, make him do 1000 sit ups.


His face twists into a frown.


Grob the Goblin:  She always make us do sit ups.  Grob hate sit ups!


He actually looks pretty upset.


Grob the Goblin:  You do sit ups for Grob instead!  Grob will say he did them!


You tell him he should just lie to her.  Nobody has to actually do them for his plan to work.


Grob the Goblin:  No!  Goblin Queen knows if sit ups not done!  YOU MUST HELP GROB!


He starts to cry hysterically. 


You try and calm him down, but it's no use.  Finally, you tell him you’ll do it.


He stops crying immediately.


Grob the Goblin:  Thank you, Fighter!  When you finish, Grob leave special treasure under bed for you!


You have no idea how or if Grob intends to pay you, but a Fighter never backs away from a core-strength challenge.


Do 1000 sit ups (or other ab exercises).  Break them up over days as needed.  For ever 50 sit ups check off a box. 



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