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Dishes to Dishes


Feeling peckish one afternoon, you stop by the kitchen to grab a bit of leftover beef and a wedge of cheese.


As you leave the kitchen you bump into Jeco the Cook.


Jeco the Cook:  Hey!  Good timing!


Jeco pulls you into the kitchen as he passes by you.


Jeco the Cook:  Lend me a hand.  I’m up to my eyeballs in dirty dishes and I need to start making dinner.


You wince and quickly try to think of an excuse.  You tell him that you’re actually kind of busy right now.


Jeco the Cook:  Oh really?  I guess you’re too busy to eat then.


He grabs the meat and cheese out of your hand.


Jeco the Cook:  Probably too busy for dinner too.


You sigh and tell him you’ll help out for a little bit.


He smiles and slaps you on the shoulder.


Jeco the Cook:  I knew I could count on you.


He tosses the cheese back to you but keeps the cold beef.


Jeco the Cook:  I’ll hold this for you until you finish.


You head back to the scullery and find that Jeco wasn’t exaggerating when he said “up to my eyeballs”.  The room is literally filled with dirty dishes up to your face.


You sigh and roll back your sleeves. 


The next 10 times you feel like having a snack, wash every dirty dish in the house.  If you still want to snack after you’re done, have at it. 


Every time you do it, check off a box.


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