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The Path of Penance

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You spend hours in the scullery working away at the mountain of dirty dishes.  The worst by far are the blackened pots and pans which look like they’ve never seen a proper scrubbing.


Your arms feel like gelatin as you rinse off an extra large meat tenderizer and finally get to the last item, an enormous serving platter so encrusted with grime and scorched oils that you can’t even see the actual surface of the metal.  


After a solid 30 minutes with a stiff scrub brush, you begin to make out some sort of a design on the bottom of the platter.  It’s a bit more ornate than the other flatware used by the guild.


As you continue to work through the remaining grime you realize that it’s not a serving platter at all, but a beautifully crafted paladin’s shield!  


Roughly scratched into the back of the shield is a long message that reads:


“To the finder of this shield,


As I lay bleeding out in this dark cave, I look back on my mistakes and my fall from grace with only deepest sadness and regret.  


Everything I did began with the best intentions, but greed and desire corrupted my choices.  And now I have brought death and misery upon the very people I swore to protect.


Knowing the terrible things I’ve done, I can scarcely believe that I was once a good and noble servant of the Light.  It seems like a lifetime ago that I climbed to the summit of Mount Aryia to take my oath.  


As I look down upon the shield given to me by the spirit of light at the top of the mountain, it brings tears to my eyes.  She saw good in me, but I was unworthy.


And so I make this final request to the very mercenaries who have brought me low.  I beg of you as one warrior to another: return this shield to the spirit of light on the summit and tell her that I’m sorry for everything I became…everything that I am. 


Please know that I did some small good in my life before turning astray and grant me this final request so that my soul may rest in peace.”


The shield must be quite old, given that Paladin Order has been disbanded for decades now.  Still, you find yourself moved by the dying man’s words and resolve to fulfill his last request. 


Scale Mount Aryia and return the shield - 1000 flights of stairs

For every 20 flights of stairs check off a box.



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