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The Summit

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Scaling Mount Aryia was much much harder than you expected.  It has to be the highest peak on the continent.  


You can see why this was the final trial of the Paladin Order.  It truly does test your commitment.  So many times you looked at the heavy shield in your hands and thought about giving up and just riding the damned thing down the side of the mountain.


When you finally reach the snowy summit you see a simple stone alter.  You place the shield upon it and call out to the spirit of light.


Nothing happens.  


You call out again, louder this time.  Your voice echoes back from the distant valleys, but again, nothing.


You take a deep breath to try once more when you're suddenly interrupted by a voice coming from directly behind you.  You nearly jump out of your own skin.


Spirit of Light:  Greetings to you.


You turn around to see a dark-haired woman in a flowing white garment.  She seems oblivious to the cold.


Spirit of Light:  It’s been a long time since anyone’s come to take the oath. 


You explain that you’re not here for the oath, only to return a shield.


She picks up the old shield and examines it slowly, her fingers running over the words scratched into the back.


Spirit of Light:  Ah yes…that one. 


She frowns.


Spirit of Light:  His story is a sad one.


She looks back to you.


Spirit of Light:  It’s a little worse for wear, but nothing that can’t be mended.  Thank you for returning it.  There's a limited number of them, you know.


She looks you over for a moment then speaks again.


Spirit of Light:  Have you considered taking the oath?  The world needs paladins and I sense a bit of goodness in you.


You thank her for the offer but tell her that you already have a job.


Spirit of Light:  Are you sure?  You already climbed the mountain.


She smiles and holds up the battered old shield.


Spirit of Light:  And you get a free shield.


The two of you laugh together.


Spirit of Light:  Well, I’ll be keeping my eye on you nonetheless.  


She wishes you a safe journey and you turn to head back down the mountain. 


Spirit of Light:  Oh!  Before you go, you didn't happen to find a hammer as well did you?


Spirit of Light:  No? it’s fine.  Never mind.


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