Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, like all combat sports, is inherently dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. The techniques shown on this site should be learned and practiced under proper supervision by a qualified BJJ instructor. This website was meant to be a supplement to normal instruction and not a stand-alone guide for individual practicioners without proper instruction.

Further, some of the techniques shown may have higher risk of injury than others for both you or your partner and may be considered banned moves at the gym you train at. In particular, we advise you exercise extreme caution and seek permission from your instructor before trying to use moves involving leg and ankle submissions or neck and spine submissions.


BJJ Collective is not responsible for any harm or injury that occurs from attempting the techniques found through this site. The techniques have been developed or reproduced by individual users with no connection to bjjcollective.com. We make no claims as to the safety or effectiveness of any technique.


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